Cashout Permanently Limited Paypal Account

Hi everyone

I have brought an outstanding service for you people.

You guys have 45 days old permanently limited Paypal account with funds stuck on it?  No need to worry about it then. I will help you getting your money out of that account.

Note: This service is only for those people who have registered fake paypal account and now their funds are stuck as they cannot attach any bank account to withdraw money. People who have paypal registered with all the legit and real details , it is quite simple for them to withdraw their funds. So people only with Fake PayPal account can contact me to get their money out of their permanently frozen paypal account.

Paypal account (Permanently Limited at least 45 days old since limitation)
Paypal access
Email access
Funds minimum 200$ ( Worth the effort )

I will use my own method to withdraw those funds and i will send you your share in your new PayPal account or other payment options can be considered also.

So if you have such accounts w…